On these pages, we take a closer look at the theory of the circular economy, running circular businesses, research, infographics and publications.

Steunpunt Circulaire Economie

The Circular Economy Policy Research Centre was established to streamline policy-related research into policy measures for the circular economy in Flanders.

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What is the circular economy?

In our current linear economic system, resources are used in products, which are destroyed at the end of their usefulness. In contrast to this, the circular economic system focuses on the maximum reuse of products and resources with a minimal loss of value.

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CE vlindergrafiek

Running circular businesses

Circular business models render. Better use of resources would allow the European industry to save € 630 billion annually. Discover more about these new ways of doing business.

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Building in the circular economy

Sustainable building is often reduced to energy-efficient construction. However, a well thought-out (re)use of materials is - at least in the long term - equally important to further reduce our footprint. That is why circular construction, in all its facets, is the future of the construction industry.

Bouwen in de circulaire economie


A picture paints a thousand words. That is why we offer infographics on various aspects of the circular economy. Below a selection. Discover them all.


How long will the stocks of some important raw materials last?


Which business models close cycles through the production chain?


An overview of the various links in a production chain. System thinking is central.


An overview of the spectrum of possible product-service systems.


What is the link between the circular economy and climate efforts?


Here you can find a selection of our publications. Discover them all.