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The Circular City

The Circular City site is relatively new and our most 'open site'. For that reason, its approach has the characteristics of being a scouting mission and investigatory while also being pragmatic and as specific as possible, wherever possible. It responds to the growing awareness of the enormous potential of cities and regions to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

Activities For The General Public

We conducted a number of experiments on this site to start an ‘offline’ dialogue with a broad audience, namely by organising community workshops and going on tour with our circular coffee bar.

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Urban Agenda

We are also focusing on changes through the joint development of knowledge in a European network. Circular Flanders/OVAM took an active role in the Circular Economy Urban Agenda Partnership. The objective of this collaboration is to share experiences and balance amendments to (European) regulations and changes to funding opportunities.

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Smart Circular Cities

Another driving force is the momentum around 'Smart Cities' in Flemish cities. Circular Flanders saw an opportunity to explore and deepen the circular economy-related potential of digital technology

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Circular Space(s)

OVAM is also constantly setting new standards for the brownfield and greyfield policy. This policy emphasises the value of land as a resource, whereby remediation operations not only ‘recycle space', but also provide soil and other services to maintain the city's health. Moreover, the remediation’s interim period offers all kinds of cultural and social organisations an opportunity to experiment, in addition to 'changing the place’ in terms of urban development.

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Circular Metabolism

The development of 'Circular Metabolism' as a new practice has led to greater coherence of the big picture. We use our master classes to highlight this topic. Antwerp researched how this could be implemented in their spatial planning and economic context.

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Productive Circular Cities

Finally, we focus on the work we carried out related to ‘the productive city’. If we no longer view the city as an isolated environment, but as part of a far broader circular region instead, there are all kinds of opportunities to reintroduce the manufacturing industry to the city – manufacturing that integrates knowledge, innovation and production.

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