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circular construction strategic agenda

The shift to a circular construction economy is radical. It requires innovation and a complete change of direction. It requires a new look at design, manufacturing, services, consumption and business models. Flanders Circular and construction industry stakeholders have been working together for several years to realise this system change. See bouwen.vlaanderen-circulair.be for an overview.

Who is at the wheel?


EmBuild Flanders and OVAM are initiators of the Strategic Agenda Circular Construction.


Through co-creation, we sharpen the ambitions for circular building. We define 10 challenging work paths, linking circular ambitions to objectives in the field of climate, energy and high-quality living, housing and work. We translate these 10 work paths into more than 80 concrete actions and sub-actions. Some are already taking concrete shape. On 25 April 2022, the Strategic Agenda Circular Construction was officially launched during the 'Circular State of the Union'. Meanwhile, more than 50 organisations signed up as pullers or active collaborators in one or more (sub)actions.

The Strategic Agenda Circular Construction is a rolling action programme. We start with a number of 'focus actions' for the first year. Once results are available, subsequent actions will be launched.  

Involving all actors in the construction sector in this rolling action programme will create greater cooperation and coordination.

How do we organise ourselves?

The leaders of the working agenda (OVAM and Embuild Flanders) together with strongly engaged actors from industry, government, the knowledge world and social profit form the core group of the Strategic Agenda Circular Construction. The core group acts as a strategic body that helps keep track to what degree actions are implemented and ambitions are realized. 

Members of the core group: OVAM, Embuild Flanders, Buildwise, Department of Environment, Group Van Roey, Palindroom, Thomas More University of applied sciences, VITO

The implementation of the working agenda is done by the action drivers: a broad group of companies, governments, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations that undertake concrete actions to contribute to the ambitions and work paths of the Strategic Agenda.

The core group members, action drivers and stakeholders together form the Circular Building Community. Anyone with a heart for a circular construction industry is welcome! 

Want to know more about circular construction?

Want to know all about circular construction? On our construction website, we provide an overview of knowledge, best practices and publications.

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