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PULLERS: denuo and team Flanders Circular

Local, Flemish, federal and European policies in the broad sense already offer many opportunities today, but at least as many obstacles for those who want to build a circular economy in Flanders. Within the Lever Policy Instruments, we are focusing on the wider policy instruments where this can create a leverage effect (regulations, subsidies, levies, product standardisation and incentives for recycling and eco-design, covenants...). This requires active coordination with all relevant authorities but also with a broad group of stakeholders from the private and public sector.

Within this Lever, we therefore bring together various profiles such as administrations, waste management companies, manufacturing industry federations and social partners to identify and also actively resolve the various policy barriers and levers through legal research assignments. In doing so, we also rely on the work of the various strategic agendas and see where we can work in a cross-sectoral way.

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