Levers function as catalysts for advancing strategic agendas. They connect common obstacles, prospects, or successful methodologies under a unified approach, eliminating the need for strategic agenda partnerships to repeatedly address or create solutions from scratch. At present, there are seven levers in place:

  1. Policy tools
  2. Circular procurement
  3. Communication
  4. Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  5. Financing
  6. Jobs & Skills
  7. Research

Similar to strategic agendas, these are collaborations of relevant stakeholders operating as a fulcrum. Partnerships under this framework establish a strategy for their action. Optimal lever partnerships involve a wide array of participants, encompassing representatives from civil society, businesses, investors, academic institutions, and government. A pair of leaders, typically comprising a government representative and a private sector representative, energize each lever. A larger core group supports these initiators, collectively determining the path ahead.

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