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For Flanders, the transition to a circular economy is one of the major transitions that brings both threats and opportunities. Also for the labour market: job destruction and creation, new jobs that we do not know yet, changes in existing jobs, ... By focusing on qualified, well-trained staff, we can steer and shape innovations, developments and the circular future.

Support and inspire

The 'Jobs & Skills' lever aims to support various strategic agendas in their transition to a circular economy. This lever, under the traction of the Department of Work and Social Economy, works demand-driven from the needs of the strategic agendas.

On the other hand, the lever wants to inspire the various strategic agendas with ongoing initiatives that are framed in a broader transition to a low-carbon economy: the competence forecasts, actions from the action network energy-intensive industry, opportunities for cooperation with the social economy, initiatives from other sectors (e.g. textile sectors) and innovation actors (e.g. living labs industry 4.0, spearhead clusters) and involve the partners of Flanders Circular in the creation of the green skills roadmap.


A green jobs and skills strategy is obviously not a stand-alone policy initiative. To maximise the outcome, it will be coordinated with ongoing initiatives within and outside the WSE policy area such as the skills forecast, the STEM agenda 2030, actions by sectors/sectoral social partners, lifelong learning action plan, etc.

Since we start from the needs and questions of the strategic agendas and these are still taking shape, the Jobs and Skills lever has yet to reach cruising speed.

The 'Jobs and skills' lever will consist of a core team, with the following organisations already indicating their willingness to participate:

  • Department of Environment
  • VDAB
  • VCB
  • Fedustria
  • Agoria
  • KU Leuven

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