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The strategic agenda Water Cycles

With our strategic agenda, we want to investigate how we can further use circular water as a means for sustainable water use and for a robust water system in Flanders. We establish links with ongoing initiatives such as the Flemish Blue Deal, the Flemish government's plan to combat drought and water scarcity.

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Who is at the wheel?


VMM and Flemish Employers' Platform are initiators of the Water Cycles strategic agenda.

Circular water

Circular water is about applying the principles of the circular economy (reduce, reuse & replace) in the water landscape. This means making maximum efforts to:

  1. reduce water demand;
  2. choosing the right water for the right application;
  3. and reusing water.

We therefore take into account the required water quality (no higher quality than necessary) and the choice of alternative (more sustainable) water sources. Acting within the carrying capacity of the water system, now and in the future, is a crucial precondition in all this.


How do we organise ourselves?

As a strategic agenda:

  • we bundle our knowledge and strengths;
  • we show how it can be done
  • and help pioneers and good examples of circular water to scale up and accelerate.

The water cycles strategic agenda aspires to be the central hub and driver for actions and stakeholders around circular water.

Following organisations make up the core group. The core group provides the agenda setting and develops the work paths and actions.

  • Policy perspective : VMM, Department of Agriculture & Fisheries, VLAIO, VVSG (local authorities)
  • Cross-sector perspective: Flemish Employers Platform (represented by Fevia Vlaanderen), VOKA (also backup for VWP), Flemish Confederation of Construction (VCB), Fedustria, NAV
  • Water sector perspective: Aquafin, Aquaflanders, Watercircle.be, VLARIO
  • Agricultural sector perspective: Boerenbond
  • Innovation perspective: Vlakwa