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The challenges facing governments, businesses and the water sector today and in the future are very big. Climate adaptation, the transition to a circular economy, energy transition and changes in water use are inextricably linked to all parts of the water cycle and to the role of water in our living environment.

Today, we need to anticipate (future) challenges such as the impact of climate change, demographic evolutions, spatial planning, socio-economic evolutions, etc. In doing so, we want to ensure as much as possible that the demand and need for water can be met in a sustainable manner.

We see circular water use primarily as a means to:

  1. a sustainable water use: that is a water use that respects both environmental, economic and social aspects, now and in the future.
  2. a robust water system: that is a system that can withstand the various current and future challenges.

In this way, circular water can also be a link in addressing drought and water scarcity issues.