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Everything about Circular Flanders.

Circular Flanders is the hub and the inspiration for the Flemish circular economy. It is a partnership of governments, companies, civil society, and the knowledge community that will take action together. These organisations are the core of our partnership. Each one has committed to carrying out a specific action.

The Government of Flanders has set the circular economy as one of the seven transition priorities and appointed the OVAM (the Public Waste Agency of Flanders) as the initiator of Circular Flanders. The operational team, which is responsible for the day-today operation, is embedded in the OVAM. 


Communication kit

A kit for partners and press: logo's, standard texts, visuals and contact details.

Terugblik Vlaanderen Circulair

Retrospect on our achievements

The Retrospect provides an overview of what we have done in recent years. The ideal introduction.

Ons team

Our team

Meet the team.

Visie 2050

We roll out the circular economy...

Circular Flanders is the result of the merger of Plan C, the Flanders’ Materials Programme and SuMMa. The Government of Flanders has set the circular economy as one of the seven transition priorities in its transversal policy paper, “Vision 2050, a long-term strategy for Flanders” and appointed us to continue the circular economy as a transition priority. We are embedded in the OVAM, the motor for the transition to a circular economy. 


... in a partnership

Encouraging a circular economy, requires action on many fronts simultaneously. Cooperation and shared commitments from our partners – both public and private – is crucial here. We bring a variety of partners together to tackle the challenges of the circular economy.





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Departement Economie, Wetenschap en Innovatie

Department Omgeving

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... with a new approach

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