Relieve and guide private circular renovation projects

Passive Terraced House in the City establishes roadmap for circular renovation of single-family home, for and by individuals

In Flanders there are still a lot of single-family homes to be rebuilt. But if you as a private individual renovate according to circular principles, you quickly run into a number of hurdles: there is a whole forest of diverse criteria around circularity in which the private individual with limited knowledge of the matter must see the trees. The translation from theory to practice is also lacking. The list of questions during the demolition, design and reconstruction phases is growing. In addition, there are a host of financial and legal questions and challenges. There is a need for relief and guidance for private circular building projects. Christophe and Karen experienced this at first hand during the renovation of their terraced house in Mechelen.

Passive House Platform / Pixii wants to develop a broader guidance process on the basis of identified bottlenecks (and opportunities), both in the customer journey, the building practice and in the process guidance. The trajectory guidance process will be fully mapped and will serve as a basis for the development of a training course for renovation supervisors who want to guide individuals in their circular building project. The results will also be incorporated into a technical training course on circular renovation. And the same roadmap can also be used by other interested building owners, professional parties or policy makers to facilitate and support energy neutral circular (re)construction in a private context.

In short, Passive House Platform / Pixii focuses with this project on individuals who want to renovate in a circular way. A market with a lot of potential.

Photo: Christophe Lambrechts

Passiefhuis-Platform / Pixii

Partners In-Vast Group / MOSARD, UHasselt, Passief rijhuis in de stad en Stad Mechelen