Passive townhouse in the city

Meet the circular building project of Christophe and Karen

Karen and Christophe became the owners of a terraced house in Mechelen on April 25, 2019. They have big plans for it: to turn it into a passive house in which they can live for life.
Modular therefore, so that it can accommodate all future life phases. A house as an empty block box in which they can experiment to their heart's content. A house with a clear sustainable character where ecological materials and techniques are used, where circular construction and cradle-to-cradle materials are central, and that is independent of fossil fuels.

How they go about it and where they are now in their circular, change-oriented building project they document extensively on their website. This is still under construction - the house comes first, the website only afterwards ;)

So if you want recent info on the project or if you want to have a look on site, contact Christophe and Karen. They are looking forward to share their experiences and are open to any input from outside.
Also, anyone who has a technique/product that they would like to try out in the real world, anyone who can provide them with administrative support (project follow-up, subsidy files, demolition inventory, material passports, ...), anyone who thinks they could exchange materials between yards/material banks, anyone who wants to use the project as a prototype for similar projects or anyone who can help them spread the above message to speed things up even more, is certainly welcome. Christophe and Karen consider their house to be a lab house, in which they will also effectively live.