A living lab for circular economy, social and corporate responsibility

On the Oosteroever in Ostend, the current owner, the Public Flemish Waste Company is remediating the soil that became heavily polluted by the operation of a fuel depot there in 2016.
On this site, O.666 breathes new life into the building of a former fishermen's cooperative. The starting point of an exceptional journey. Its ambition? To make a city together with as many inhabitants of Ostend as possible, whatever their background.

O.666 organizes the transition of a former fishing cooperative into a home, breeding ground and lab for individual makers, citizen initiatives, social, ecological and arts organizations. Every stakeholder contributes and has a say on the commons.

O.666 wants to make the city together with as many Oostenden people as possible. Inspiring trajectories to connect vulnerable young people and the labor market are the common thread. In addition, O.666 focuses on a close connection with the neighborhood and the city of Ostend. This will give new meaning to the current site.

O.666 stands for public collaboration, participation and education in the form of open studios, forums, presentations and events. An inspiring coworking space where everyone is welcome. Networking, meeting, connecting, creating and innovating are the core of the organization.

The various stakeholders are the supporting force of the organization. They each have their own functioning, constituency, pace and logic. In this diversity lies the strength and broad support of O.666. The projects that these stakeholders set up within the walls of O.666 generate a creative dynamic and bring different target groups into contact with each other.