Water on Stage

New project calling for more water in the city

Water on Stage is a project that aims to integrate water in the urban fabric even further, in a smart and clean manner. In this framework, the city’s neighbourhoods play a key role. Moreover, international trends in energy, materials and water usage should help us build more solid and resilient cities.

Given the high degree of urbanisation, longer periods of drought and intense precipitation, and climate change, well-thought-out water management and the circular, local use of alternative water sources, such as grey and rain water, are guaranteed to become increasingly important. As with energy supply, the trend with water supply internationally is a shift towards decentralised management. An optimal urban water management system should be hybrid, with centralised and decentralised measures complementing and strengthening each other.

Large-scale conversions of urban neighbourhoods make this shift possible in a relatively short timeframe. The Hertogen site in Leuven is a prime example. It is one of the largest sites in Europe that is located within a city centre (covering 6 ha), making it the ideal location for a striking reference project. By involving citizens in the management (new business models) and monitoring (citizen science), we aim for optimal participation.

Water on Stage will provide an insight into the possibilities for water savings, local and circular water treatment and management, as well as optimal use of rain water in urban development projects. In the design phase, the project will analyse how we can bring water back to citizens through architectural integration, water reusage, water play areas and irrigation for urban agriculture. The project will result in a detailed monitoring and communication plan. It will teach us which follow-up and management strategies are required for the implementation of an innovative water network and how the results can be communicated in an easily understandable manner to operators, residents and interested parties in general.


Partners Resiterra nv, De Watergroep, Atrium Green