Life extension of e-bikes by building and testing a circular community around the Urbanisto

Qemu, Urbanisto and Compagnon are joining forces to build and test out a circular community around electric bicycles. They want to bring users and bike shops together on an online platform where they can exchange, rent and sell interchangeable front parts.

Urbanisto is the first modular electric bike. The rear frame remains the same and the front piece can be adapted into a cargo bike, delivery bike, tandem or regular bike. Thanks to a simple click system, no tools are needed to adjust the bike.

Together, Qemu, Urbanisto and Compagnon want to develop a project in which they build a circular community of users and bike shops. Within that community, they can then exchange, rent or sell the front pieces among themselves.

As developing a community around modular bicycles has never been done before, the partners will start by creating a legal framework and then develop the platform to test afterwards. More information about the bikes can be found at www.urbanisto.bike .

Photo by Paolo Candelo on Unsplash.com


Partners Qemu, Compagnon