Urban Mining: mining Leuven together

Experimenting with the mining, storage and reuse of materials (including construction materials)

At Urban Mining, valuable materials are “mined” from an urban environment. Urban Mining collects these materials before the recycling process, stores them in a materials bank and reuses them for new projects. The focus here is mainly, but not exclusively, on wood and steel.

The not-for-profit organisations vzw REused and vzw Saté will experiment with:

  • mining” opportunities in an urban environment;
  • storage and logistics formulas;
  • options for reuse and building projects;
  • different economic models;
  • partnerships with various actors.

In specific terms, we want to “mine” a large building to be renovated or demolished (via Saté), and we want to “extract” materials from EcoWerf (inter-municipal waste company) and large waste processors (via REused). We can store the materials that we “mine” on the building site as long as this fits in with the plans at the site. Once the works begin, we will discuss with the relevant departments of the City of Leuven what the possibilities are of moving the materials to a more permanent storage facility. This project will make us key partners for the City of Leuven and its circular building waste policy.


Partners REused, Stad Leuven