Tyre cycling

Innovative solutions for collecting, storing, repairing and distributing flat bicycle tyres

Together with Velo vzw and VUB, customisation company Mo-Clean, through its bicycle division Mo-Cyclette, is looking for a solution to repair punctured inner tubes on bicycles. To this end, they consider the entire process: from collection and storage to repair and distribution.

Broken bicycle tyres often disappear into landfill, while they are actually still usable. Added to this is the consumption model of many companies that aims to sell as many new products as possible by making repair difficult or even impossible.

Mo-Clean teamed up with Velo vzw and VUB to find a solution for organising the collection, distribution, storage, inspection and selection of repairable inner tubes. In the process, they are developing an efficient process for detecting and sealing tyre punctures at low cost and drawing up a roadmap for putting repaired bicycle tyres back on the market.

Besides being a circular story, the bicycle tyres are also part of a social story. Mo-Clean is a tailor-made company based in Sint-Niklaas that employs people with a large distance to the labour market. Besides bicycle repairs and sales, the non-profit organisation also offers cleaning services.

Maatwerkbedrijf Mo-Clean

Partners Velo vzw, VUB