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Circular Interior Design Guide. How to systematically implement circular thinking in interior design projects?

Circular design is a complex issue that has a strong influence on several design decisions an interior designer must make. It is crucial to ask the right questions when striving for a circular interior, and to do so at the right moments throughout the design process. 

Circular design goes beyond the search for the right materials and standalone products, but also the spatial environment and non-tangible services must be included in the circular thinking. The Circular Interior Design Guide is a project with which Thomas More and its project partners want to support the interior design sector in the transition to a circular economy.

Within the framework of this project, a digital learning platform is being developed and tested. The goal? Various stakeholders in the interior design sector to
(1) sensitize to different circular design principles,
(2) inspire with best-practices,
(3) connect with potential new partners for an optimal circular value chain.

During several guidance sessions and sounding board events, various design tools are shaped to support the realization of a circular interior design project. This platform will be designed in such a way that a variety of interior designers, each with their own level of expertise, can get to work with it practically.

Thomas More Mechelen-Antwerpen

Partners M-INT, cuypers & Q architecten, Studio Planeet