A revolution in industrial folding

Texprofin is transforming the industrial laundry sector with innovative automation. The company is doing so thanks to an automatic towel folding line.

The laundry sector processes huge quantities of bedding and sanitary textiles from care institutions and hotels every day, but faces a growing staff shortage. Texprofin, a Waregem-based company founded by Yves Dabrowiecki and David Wollants, aims to address that problem with automated feeding and folding machines. These ensure seamless processing of laundry without manual intervention.

For design of Texprofin's innovative folding machine, developed with the support of VLAIO, circularity and eco-design were key. This results in more efficient maintenance thanks to modular design and reduced energy consumption thanks to servo motors. Moreover, the machines are connected, allowing Texprofin to monitor them remotely and analyse operational data to improve customer support. 

For the second part of the project, Texprofin has developed a robot. The aim is to further automate the feeding process and scale up production of the folding machines. In autumn 2023, the prototype will be tested in the field for the first time.

The partnership with VLAIO has not only provided Texprofin with financial support, but has also acted as a quality guarantee, opening doors for potential partners and clients.