Tendering of circular homes and assisted care facilities

Modular accommodation for adults with disabilities

The project ‘Toontjeshuizen’ focuses on circular homes and assisted care facilities. It brings together the necessary expertise to make Toontjeshuizen a prime example of circular accommodation in the care sector. In late 2017, Sociaal Impact Fonds (Social impact fund) Toontjeshuis cvba-so, construction company Durabrik nv and energy contractor Ecopuur nv joined forces to find circular solutions for Toontjeshuizen.

The fund aims to help parents face their first major hurdle in trying to build a future for their sons and daughters with disabilities: housing. Sociaal Impact Fonds Toontjeshuis has commissioned the development, construction or conversion of adapted, sustainable and high-quality residential units. The key capital has already been provided by a number of Flemish families and is being supplemented with local crowdfunding for each separate project. Each Toontjeshuis is a contemporary, modular and affordable unit, built in line with the current real-estate and energy standards. Where possible, targeted technology is integrated into each unit. The first decisions have been taken for three plots.

Current research shows us that there are many possible solutions, from leasehold for land use to CLT (Community Land Trust), co-housing, using construction materials according to the principles of ‘product as a service’ and ‘care as a service’, adaptable building concepts, modular construction and zero-waste construction and refurbishment. As the residents’ needs tend to change over time, the architectural design includes reversible spaces. Every Toontjeshuis consists of private studios and shared spaces.

However, the existing legal models do not adequately meet the needs of these new circular business models. Either you join together different pieces of the puzzle, you hollow out the existing systems or you create something entirely new. Our focus is on extensive knowledge building and the development of circular business models, as well as the required contracts. The solutions focus on Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Client (B2C). Moreover, the legal knowledge required for the concept is also built up ‘as a service’. The circular economy favours use over ownership, and highlights the importance of reusing and recycling.

Social Impact Fonds Toontjeshuis CVBA-SO

Partners Durabrik Bouwbedrijven NV, Ecopuur NV