SCIFI - Supporting Circular Initiatives in the Film Industry

The audiovisual industry is becoming more circular

With a turnover of more than €2 billion, the audiovisual sector is an important creative and economic engine in Flanders. The Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) is a lynchpin for supporting and financing audiovisual projects. Since 2013, we have put our focus on sustainability: we not only link financial production support to sustainable choices, but also translate sustainability into concrete actions throughout the chain. 

With SCIFI, we want to further embed the circular economy in the film and media sector. The aim is to inform and encourage the broad audiovisual sector to start working in a circular way itself. In doing so, we focus on both filmmakers and exhibitors. We developed concrete pilot projects, regularly brought together a network of exhibitors and focused on impact measurement. We want to close local cycles and promote alternative forms of consumption. The focus is on set construction and decoration (Kringverhuur), drinking water (Robinetto and BOXrentals) and events (MOOOV film festival). KU Leuven was in charge of scientific support and quantifying the environmental gains.

Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (VAF)

Partners KU Leuven, CVBA De Leiding, BOXrentals en MOOOV





  1. We have integrated the theme of circularity into the guidance we offer and share our knowledge around sustainability with the various exhibitors (cinemas and festivals). 
  2. KU Leuven investigated the impact of drinking water, textiles, décor and costs versus benefits of sustainable productions. This led to content guidelines and the refinement of the Eureca calculator (which calculates ecological footprints) for film productions. 
  3. CVBA De Leiding and BOXrentals developed and tested a mobile drinking water tap for film productions. 
  4. MOOOV developed and anchored a strategic sustainability plan in its internal operations and shares that experience with other exhibitors.


  1. It pays to have atypical partners tinkering together for sustainable solutions. In day-to-day practice, there is not always room for experimentation. Projects like SCIFI are a catalyst
  2. Scientific research (LCA) of specific domains is crucial to understand the exact impact of logistics choices. Within domains such as virtual production, digital processes and alternative generators, this knowledge is lacking. 
  3. There is a need for circular or sustainable solutions to concrete problems tailored to the nomadic production sector. Centralising and sharing that knowledge and good practices is important. 
  4. MOOOV shows that sustainability is more than a collection of alternative ideas. A thoughtful, strategic embedding of sustainability in the DNA of the organisation (with the participation of customers, partners, employees and stakeholders) forms an important basis.


The project results found concrete economic application and inspire the broad audiovisual sector in Flanders and beyond. 

The SCIFI project has ended, but we continue to explore the possibilities of sustainability in the audiovisual sector. We establish links between inspiring entrepreneurs, continue to share our research results and are committed to engaging film professionals and film funds at home and abroad.