Sagoma Group

Development of circular facade modules and their circular business model

Circular facade modules. That's what Sagoma Group (part of Marchetta Family Builders) wants to contribute to the circular construction sector. In collaboration with Vandersanden (facing bricks) and Nicolaers-Lambrechts (recycled bluestone), they are perfecting the product - a patented system. And to build a strong business model around it, they are calling on the know-how of Mosard, Sirris and Econocom.

The project thus consists of 2 major parts:
1) the development of circular facade modules that fit within the Mosard BIM library ( This will make it easier to use the Sagoma facade modules in the main software packages of architects and calculate a circular value or circularity score. The facade modules will also be able to be put into VR. And, in the upper ICT platform, services can be linked to them - over the entire life cycle.
2) Setting up a Circular Economy Service Model (CESM) around the facade modules. The main bottlenecks around this CESM will be jointly addressed in group sessions.
Three different circular business models will be explored and weighed. Existing tools and assessment frameworks will be applied under the guidance of Sirris and Econocom so that the business model, the legal framework and the bottlenecks can be studied in order to ultimately achieve a win-win for all parties.

Finally, the partners will build a modular, movable (outdoor) office space. This space will be a real demonstrator. Sagoma will organize training and demonstrations in it and the mobile space will also be set up at trade fairs.

Sagoma Group

Partners Vandersanden en Lambrechts-Nicolaes