Water (flavored or unflavored) on tap at events

Robinetto is a supplier of water tap installations, both in rental and sales. For office, catering and events. With a water tap from Robinetto you can serve delicious chilled flat and sparkling water. You can also serve beer on tap and combine with syrups.

Robinetto is aiming for one billion fewer beverage containers in the landfill. That's 20% of all the packaging put on the market each year by the Belgian beverage industry. They do this by reducing packaging and transporting water as much as possible.

In 2018, Robinetto was founded by De Leiding cvba with the support of OVAM. They placed more than 20 water taps at 10 large and small festivals. It was such a success that by the end of 2019, more than 80 events used a water tap. In addition, they placed water taps in more than 120 catering establishments. With a water tap from Robinetto, you serve delicious chilled flat and sparkling water. You can also serve beer on tap and make different drinks from syrups.

The need to use a water tap instead of disposable bottles is great. Recycling alone does not solve the problem of waste. Furthermore, a lot of energy is still used to bring the bottles from the factory to you. With a water tap, you save money and Robinetto provides tips to the hospitality industry on how to market tap water attractively.

In their first year, Robinetto has saved more than one million disposable 25cl bottles from the landfill. Thus, they are on their way to drastically reduce the transportation and packaging of water. To measure how much packaging they have already saved, they place a smart counter in every water tap they sell or rent. This counter measures how much water has already been tapped, and thus also how much water has not been packaged and transported.

Met een watertap van Robinetto serveer je lekker gekoeld plat en bruisend water, bier op en verschillende dranken van siropen.
                                                                                                                           Foto courtesy Robinetto