Towards closed-loop food packaging in aviation

An aircraft passenger produces an average of 1.4 kg of waste per flight. In 2017, around 5.7 million tonnes of waste was produced on board. Due to the growing market, this is half a million tonnes more than in 2016. Under current hygiene rules, this waste is rarely or never recycled, and in this way, large quantities of valuable waste disappear in landfills and incinerators. As a market leader in the design, production and supply of food packaging for the aviation industry, deSter can play an important role in the transition from the linear use of food packaging to a circular, closed-loop model. This project will realise a closed-loop recycling system that can be transferred to various airlines and airports. The aim is to implement systems by which waste from aviation caterers is upgraded to usable raw materials for the production of new food packaging suitable for the aviation industry.