Real Brides

Women help women by giving their wedding dresses a second life

The not-for-profit organisation Real Brides vzw is a bridal shop that sells donated wedding and evening gowns at low prices. 60% of the profits go to four charities that support women (Think Pink, ANBN, Cherut, Moeders voor Moeders).

We have three objectives:

  1. Firstly, we want to offer all brides the chance to get married in the dress of their dreams. Many women cannot afford an expensive dress, and in this way, we offer every woman the chance to find that perfect dress after all.
  2. Secondly, we want to reuse wedding dresses (and evening gowns). Most women only wear their wedding dress once and then put them in the attic for the rest of their lives. A lot of dresses end up lost that way, and we offer an ecological solution for this.
  3. Finally, we want to support women in financial difficulty by donating 60% of the proceeds to charities that support women.

The way we work is as follows:
We receive a dress in the form of a donation. The donor chooses a charity to receive a portion of the proceeds. We have the dress cleaned and offer it for sale through our webshop and a custom fitting room/boutique.