New designs from printing scraps

RE-DO creates unique, hand-made products using misprints and excess paper from printing companies.

Source: OVAM

The printing process results in heaps of excess paper, both printed and blank. RE-DO reworks them into fun new goodies, including design products such as ‘to do’ lists, weekly planners and diaries.

However, the founders, Linde and Tille, want to take it one step further. They want to focus their work on a local level, and turn it into a social and educational project to give youngsters in special-needs secondary schools a chance to gain work experience. They have set up a successful partnership with Koninklijk Orthopedagogisch Centrum Antwerpen vzw, whose students sort and organise the excess paper. RE-DO also organises workshops where participants make creations with their own reused paper, allowing them to learn how to think in an eco-friendly manner. They also get an insight into the basics of book binding and ways to experiment with paper scraps at home.