Sensitising young people to the impact of electronics on people and the environment

In this project, BOS+ worked with Catapa, The Transformists and local partners in three cities to educate young people about the link between their electronics, the supply chain and the impact on people and the environment. We want to sensitise young people to the problems associated with the electronics we use every day. To this end, we have committed to two actions: Restart Parties and escaperooms. 

Restart Parties are repair cafes with a focus on electronics where young people can carry out simple repairs to their electronics under the guidance of volunteers. In this way, we introduce young people to the circular economy through a product that is close to them. We worked together with professional repair shops that took care of more difficult repairs and spare parts. At the same time, we informed young people about other solutions such as refurbished purchases, tips for using software longer, a critical look at advertising, etc. 

We also developed a special escaperoom around the impact of smartphones on people and the environment. Through exciting puzzles, in a race against time, different themes are uncovered. After the game, a short debriefing with banners and infographics takes a closer look at themes such as deforestation, mining, assembly processes, e-waste, recycling and tips for consumers.


  1. We organised three Restart Parties in two years: a first online, a second in Ghent and a third in 2022 in Antwerp. The programme each time included interesting workshops and the chance to (have) things restored. We counted 215 participants. 
  2. At three different locations, we built an escaperoom around the impact of electronics on people and the environment: in Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels. We welcomed young people, families, youth associations, schools, companies, etc. In total, there were 1,150 visitors. 
  3. BOS+ put its weight behind De Transformisten's #righttorepair campaign. The manifesto, with policy demands for politicians to improve the repairability of electronic devices, was signed more than 7,400 times. 
  4. We published five relevant articles on the themes of deforestation, mining and e-waste and thus also responded to current events, such as Earth Day.


  1. An escaperoom is a good working form to appeal to the target group of young people. It allows a complex issue to be presented and explained in an understandable way. In addition, it was also a good way to introduce young people to BOS+. 
  2. Social media is an important platform to make a message or event known among young people. Despite the many changes caused by the corona pandemic, we were able to welcome a lot of young people thanks to social media. 
  3. By offering the event for free, we got many last-minute cancellations or people did not show up without notice. A small entrance fee, which people get back on attendance or valid reasons for absence, could be a solution. 
  4. For Restart Parties, it is more difficult to reach the younger target audience. BOS+ has loyal followers interested in forest planting and smaller greening projects, but less in educational projects. Working even more with youth organisations could help with this.
3 Restart Parties
215 participants Restart Parties
3 escaperooms
1.150 visitors escaperooms


At the request of several schools and organisations, BOS+ continues to offer the project to them without collecting income, but with an expense allowance. The organisations are responsible for organising the activities themselves. 

Furthermore, we continue to inform our supporters about campaigns and our partners' next steps.