Quppa - Smart online platform for reusable coffee (and other) cups

Scan, drink and drop off your coffee cup for reuse

Take-away coffees and other beverages are still too often drunk from disposable cups. Contrary to what many people think, these disposable cups are often not recycled. They contain a thin layer of plastic to make them watertight. After that brief use, they end up with the residual waste.

Our project aims to reduce the use of disposable cups drastically. We are building a smart online platform in Leuven that makes the use of reusable take-away cups possible. As a user you pay a small one-time participation fee to become a member. You are then always entitled to a clean reusable cup that you can leave behind in one of the participating coffee shops after use. By fitting the cups with chips, we ensure smart monitoring of the flow of coffee cups. In addition, a time-dependent point system ensures that the cups are returned quickly.

In the long term, we also want to reach companies and educational institutions, which often have coffee machines. In order to introduce the cup system here as well, we are focusing on the development of a smart dispenser for the distribution and collection of the cups.