Project Nekton – Light as a service

Elevating Business Sustainability with Project Nekton's Adaptive Lighting Solutions

Project Nekton provides sustainable lighting solutions that increase the well-being, profitability and efficiency of businesses, while ensuring that their carbon footprint is reduced. Project Nekton does this by using intelligent, sustainable lighting that saves energy, optimises the working environment and adapts to the needs of each business.

About 12% of global energy consumption each year goes on lighting. It is therefore important to use that energy as sustainably and efficiently as possible, while keeping costs down. Project Nekton's lighting adapts to the environment and to the amount of available daylight. This limits the lighting's energy consumption and thus also reduces the user's ecological footprint.

Light as a Service is one of the ways Project Nekton offers sustainable, circular lighting. This financing can run for 5, 7 or 10 years and be extended afterwards for an additional 5 years. This turnkey solution includes design, financing, installation and proactive maintenance, resulting in significant energy savings. These savings can be demonstrated by Project Nekton thanks to actual consumption, which can be checked at any time via the energy dashboard. At the end of the contract, the user takes over the installation or Project Nekton takes care of repurposing it.