Social enterprise combining engagement and entrepreneurship

Pastati, founded by Kristl De Loose, is an inspiring example of a social enterprise that brings together culinary creativity and social commitment. This company supplies fresh pasta and customised ravioli to top chefs, caterers, caterers and exclusive shops. Sustainability and social economy are the driving forces behind Pastati's mission.

From 1/1/2023, Pastati has reinforced its social vision by becoming a full-fledged division of the custom-made company Aarova. This is where all production is carried out, with dedicated staff led by a chef. Sustainability is high on the priority list! They use only local ingredients and recycled plastic bottles for packaging.

But Pastati goes beyond production. In collaboration with chefs, they develop unique ravioli combinations, challenging chefs to create their own fillings. As court supplier to The Red Devils, they even contribute to athletes' nutrition.

Recognition for their efforts came with the Gault Millau award for social and innovative entrepreneurship. This shows their commitment to both social responsibility and innovation.

Pastati's success story proves that it is possible to combine sustainability, innovation and social commitment in one company. They are always open to new collaborations and look forward to continuing their mission and inspiring others.