Comprehensive platform brings cleaning materials into a circular model

BOMA is one of the largest independent players in the development, logistics and sales of cleaning materials in a B2B environment. We are a director in the chain and thus have a major impact in setting things in motion. OneZero will become an umbrella logistics platform for the planning and management of material flows of our own products and external products to the customer and back! We bring producers, customers, design and development, industry organisations and the University of Antwerp together in the project.

Our aim with OneZero (worktitel of this project) is to retrieve residual materials from our products, but also office waste (such as paper, cardboard and other specific waste streams). As a result of this two-way traffic, we are also optimising our logistics (no empty delivery vehicles). We want to refurbish tools written off by customers (reuse of dispensers, mops, microfibre cloths and more). We are going to experiment with packaging as a service: we provide the use of products, the packaging or containers remain ours. Finally, we are working closely with our SME customers to make collection and sorting as achievable as possible.

BOMA n.v.

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