Revolutionizing Fashion Sustainability with a 360° Circular Solution

Okret is the 360° solution for the fashion industry that helps brands make their operations more circular. The goal of okret is to make the life cycle of textiles completely round by creating better fashion and leaving no waste behind. It is a community of fashion brands that want to keep the core of their business while being more sustainable.

Okret is an Antwerp-based company that helps fashion companies make sustainability the heart of their business. Okret provides information and alerts companies to future challenges. In this way, they aim to support and inspire the industry to be part of the circular revolution. And they do this by helping fashion companies enable sustainability adaptations, while allowing the retailer itself to focus on the core of its brand.

Just how does okret go about it? A first tool okret offers is re-commerce. Fashion brands are then given a platform on which they can re-sell their own clothes. Reverse logistics is also taken care of by okret. They check returned clothes, take care of the necessary repairs and cleaning and resell them in the name of the brand. Finally, okret also provides full sustainability management. They know where the bottlenecks are and combine academic knowledge with hands-on experience.