Nyala Blue - Transparency by tracing stories

Blockchain technology makes the coffee chain transparent

You get up and you drink a cup of coffee. It seems like the most normal thing in the world. Behind this deep-rooted tradition lies a whole chain. What if you could simply take your smartphone, scan a QR code on the coffee packaging and follow the entire cycle of your coffee: from a primary raw material to coffee and from coffee grounds to a new product? Consumers could find out who made their coffee, who they are and even how much they earned with a single click on their smartphone.

To solve the problem of transparency, Nyala Blue is building a platform based on blockchain technology. We work with the farmer, the trader, the roasting house and waste stream processor to make the entire coffee chain transparent and to inform the consumer. Trust is crucial for e-commerce and direct trade. The blockchain can address this by providing certainty about who the counterparty is or how the product came about. This automatically results in a shorter chain.

With Nyala Blue, we offer a technological platform for companies to trace their goods. We offer consumers an app/website. Based on data, this app tells a simple story about the product’s origins and the chain that it has gone through.

Nyala Coffee

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