NOOSA® circular fiber

Revolutionizing Sustainability in Textiles

NOOSA® Circular Fiber takes the textile industry to a level of sustainability like never before. Thanks to bio-renewable materials, such as sugars, and the pioneering NOOCYCLE® technology, the fibre is infinitely recyclable. This reduces waste at both pre- and post-consumer level.

The textile industry creates tonnes of waste every year. Not only does fibre production and fabric processing have a major impact on the environment, waste production is also huge. Therefore, the NOOSA® guarantees that the circular fibre can be endlessly recycled back into a pure, strong fibre without loss of quality.   

NOOSA® Fibre is made from sugars, a renewable resource that bears the title 'bio-renewable fibre'. Its environmental impact is significantly lower than that of traditional textile materials. Analyses showed that CO2 emissions are 30% lower, while 50% less water is required compared to using cotton.

NOOSA®'s range consists of fibres, filaments and spun yarns, suitable for various applications such as clothing, sportswear, upholstery and workwear. NOOSA® is therefore not only committed to sustainability, but also to functionality. The NOOCYCLE® process converts discarded textiles into 100% new fibre, giving the textile industry an unprecedented level of circularity.