More Circular

Unique interior objects created from gypsum waste

More Circular turns gypsum waste from the construction sector into unique interior objects.

The construction sector produces large amounts of gypsum waste, which is often lost. However, gypsum can be recycled endlessly through a process called calcination. More Circular uses that technique to produce one-of-a-kind interior objects from gypsum waste. The first series is a collection of sleek design lamps, Archy.

More Circular collects the gypsum waste from local plasterers, who reduce their waste collection bills and are happy to see their waste being repurposed.

The founder of this company, entrepreneur Marten van Leeuwen, used to work in the waste sector himself. He was astonished at all the stuff we throw away and used his engineering background to develop a process with a positive impact.

This ambition goes beyond pretty lamps. More Circular also wants to encourage other designers to think of ways to upcycle gypsum waste (and other waste flows).