Mobile modular gift walls

Mobile Modular giving walls as a means to maximise reuse

With the "Mobile Modular giving walls at skid row distance" project, Stroom in Flanders wants to make local recycling more accessible. With the help of Cubitec, the giving walls are technologically supported so that unnecessary transport orders can be better planned and therefore unnecessary trips are unnecessary.

The Kringwinkels in Flanders have been committed to maximum reuse for years. To make it even easier to donate reusable items, Stroom started using "mobile modular giving walls at skid row distance". With this, the non-profit association is researching a recognisable and noticeable network of mobile giving points that closely matches existing user behaviour in other networks.

To enable remote monitoring, the mobile giving walls will be equipped with sensors. This allows better planning of transport orders and eliminates unnecessary trips to and from giving walls. That technology was provided by Cubitec, an Antwerp-based IT company that designs technology solutions for sustainable businesses.

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