Maison Marie

Revitalise interior decoration with sustainable style

Maison Marie is a sustainable textile company that gives 'forgotten fabrics' a second life in interior decoration. The unique, sustainable pieces are handmade locally and fit any interior.

The textile industry creates tonnes of waste every year, especially now that fast-fashion is on the rise. To give 'forgotten fabrics', such as samples and leftovers from overproduction, a second life, Marie-Emilie gets creative with them. She revalues the fabrics through ecodesign, a process that integrates environmental considerations into the entire process from design to realisation to reduce the ecological footprint of the raw materials and the final product.

Every month, Marie-Emilie designs new Limited Edition collections to fit any interior. As all materials are carefully chosen and designs are handmade, each piece is unique. Maison Marie's ambition is to launch a circular brand in the future.

The brand's labels and packaging are also sustainable. Everything is printed locally at a CO2-neutral company on recycled paper and the labels are fastened with 100% natural Belgian flax.