Maison Forton

A sustainable revolution in interior design

In a quest to create more sustainable interiors, Jozefien Forton founded Maison Forton. With her company, she makes sustainable carpets that symbolise a gentle revolution and were inspired by nature.

Jozefien is involved in every step of the production process: she sought out suppliers herself, tested the quality of the yarns and sample products and selected the right colours and sizes. This resulted in a first collection, named Rounded 01. referring to the rounded corners and at the same time a 'soft', sustainable revolution with the ambition that their carpet never becomes waste again. Meanwhile, there is a second Pebbles collection, inspired by nature, stones and organic shapes.

All collections are designed with a circular mindset and are produced locally in Belgium. That circularity is in the maintenance, materialisation and a take-back system. The carpets consist of 80% recycled material, but Jozefien is in the process of designing a collection of fully circular carpets.