The Maakfabriek is a partial studio where creatives share machines and space to upcycle used products.

The Maakfabriek is a partial studio in Antwerp where different makers share their machines and studio space. Creatives contribute to the rent and encourage each other to get started and grow. Both professionals and beginners are welcome.

Users each rent a space in the studio and it depends on their needs how big it is. One half of the studio consists of those personal spaces, while the other half is common areas that can be used for storage, machinery, coffee corner, a desk and a shared workspace.

Both beginners and professionals can find their place in the Maakfabriek. What they produce can also be very diverse. Everyone works for themselves, but they can exchange knowledge, strengths, insights and sometimes even projects and materials. At the same time, everyone can attend workshops at the Maakfabriek to discover the joy of making.

The makers recover as much leftover material or defective objects as possible to give them a second life. By recycling and upcycling this material, the Maakfabriek ensures that less material ends up in the garbage dump.