Graine de Malice designed LOOPIPAK, a reusable shipping box made from 98% recycled material, to replace traditional cardboard boxes when sending parcels.

LOOPIPAK is an upcycled reusable shipping box, replacing the traditional cardboard box. It is made of 98% recycled materials, such as tarpaulins and panels. The box itself can be reused more than 100 times, creating 100 times smaller environmental impact. Between uses, the boxes are checked and serviced to ensure quality.

Several hundred thousand parcels are shipped every day. That means a lot of cardboard boxes are used once and then end up in the waste paper. That is why Graine de Malice offers a circular solution. With LOOPIPAK, sellers send their parcels to customers in packaging made from 98% recycled material. The recipient then sends the LOOPIPAK folded back to the seller so that the shipping box can be reused again.

Also interesting: using this reusable packaging costs less than buying a cardboard box, it is easier to recover deposits as well as to return packages. Moreover, you can easily close the LOOPIPAK and the box is waterproof. LOOPIPAK takes care of its own maintenance and repair so that the packaging can be reused more than 100 times. Thanks to the modular design, the boxes are easy to repair and store.

LOOPIPAK shipping boxes come in six sizes and the zip-lock bags are available in three sizes. The boxes and bags are all fitted with handles for easy transport. To seal packages, you can order separate collars.

Graine de Malice