Living Lab BRUG

A systemic and practice-oriented approach to accelerate and deepen knowledge exchange in the Flemish construction sector

BRUG works around four challenges in circular building: the overwhelming multitude of 'tools', the lack of learning space in the field, the lack of a concrete win-win in knowledge exchange and the lack of a common language and denominator.

This living lab therefore aims at four related changes. The first change is an improved and faster entry of theory, both from tools and experts, into practice. Next, there should be more complementary and reinforcing (collaborative) work within existing ones. Also, knowledge can be shared more actively and efficiently, which is (financially) beneficial for all stakeholders. Finally, more and better understanding of the practical translation of circular building needs to be developed.

The value chain that benefits from this is the ecosystem that forms around the built context: everyone involved in effective building. This includes architects and implementers, policy makers, municipalities and provincial support centres, manufacturers and suppliers, knowledge institutions and researchers, clients and construction promoters.


Partners Buildwise, Democo, TEKEN architectuur, VUB