Little Lily’s

Little Lily's sells washable diapers and ecological products for infants and their parents.

At Little Lily's in Oostkamp, Shana sells sustainable products for children and their parents. These range from washable diapers to school supplies and from first packs to adult care products. She offers products from brands such as Anavy, Petit Lulu, Totsbots and Hu-Da. Knitting wool is also available in the store. Shana and Veerle only choose wool products that are produced with respect for animals and the environment.

When Shana became a mother herself, she became more aware of the impact of humans on the environment. She wanted to leave her children a beautiful world and she wanted to contribute to it herself. So she started living more sustainably, step by step, and that started with washable diapers. Because she missed a physical store with sustainable products in her neighborhood, she decided to open one herself. There she now helps parents to live more sustainably in as many ways as possible.

Besides washable diapers, Little Lily's also offers ecological care products and household products. New parents can turn to Shana for a birth list full of sustainable products. Her main motto is one from Anne Marie Bonneau, the Zero Waste Chef: "We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." So we don't need a handful of people living perfectly waste-free, we need millions doing it imperfectly.

For wool and creations from wool, customers can turn to Veerle. With Handmade by Bonnie, she makes the most beautiful crafts with wool that is produced with respect for animals and the environment. Veerle also gives knitting workshops for beginners and advanced knitters.