How to influence user behavior to optimize circularity and energy use

While many initiatives around circularity are limited to the inner circle of the story (the products, the materials, the use of materials), it is also necessary to change our mindset and behavior if we want the circular economy to succeed. That's where this project responds.

'Nudging' is a collective term for behavioral interventions that aim to promote desired behavior. Freedom of choice is central here. Positive choices are subtly pushed forward, without taking away or disadvantaging the other choice options.

By implementing digital and architectural 'nudges' in buildings, LAMMP and its project partners want to try to influence people's behavior to adopt a more circular attitude. There are different interpretations of circularity, but in essence it always comes down to a transition from the 'take, make, dispose' attitude, to a circular use of materials.

Within this project, the partners want to investigate:

  • What existing behavioral science insights they can leverage to encourage people to engage in circular behavior,
  • how they can apply these insights to create digital and/or architectural nudges that they can apply in buildings,
  • What is the impact of specific digital/architectural nudges on whether or not people present in the buildings exhibit circular behavior.

Antwerp Management School is making its buildings available for this experiment.