Kringverhuur - Rent atmosphere for your event

Sustainable rental service for businesses

Kringverhuur is the rental service of De Kringwinkel Antwerpen. They lend out unique second hand products to people and companies who want to decorate their event in an attractive and sustainable way.

Original and diverse offer

De Kringwinkel Antwerpen has long been involved in circular economy with its stores where you can buy a wide range of second hand products and give them a new life. Now De Kringwinkel has added an initiative: Kringverhuur. With people can borrow decorations, furniture, mood lighting and more for their events, photo shoots, exhibitions, etc.... It's very simple, check out the full range, choose what you want to borrow and order online. Once everything is in order, you can pick up the goods yourself, use them for your event and return them.

Sustainable and social

Buying products to use only once costs a lot and increases waste. Thanks to Kringverhuur there is a simple solution. The products can be used several times which reduces what ends up in the waste pile.

Kringverhuur helps not only the environment but also people. Through its social employment project, employees are given the opportunity to build up their work experience and move on to jobs in the regular labor market.

Now that we are allowed to meet again after easing of restrictions, Kringverhuur is the right partner if you want to organize your own party.