Kozo circular living

Redefining living spaces with innovative modular solutions for every lifestyle

Building a beautiful, stylish home without leaving an immense footprint on our planet: engineering duo Ken Spranghers and Michael Lefeber, founders of Kozo, make it happen. With their innovative, dynamic timber-frame building system, they are creating new, flexible forms of living that allow a house to grow with its occupants. In doing so, they are taking an important step towards the future of building.

The components (columns, beams, connectors, panels) of the houses or buildings are prefabricated offsite by industrial machines and assembled on-site into a structural shell in a very short time. Meccano on a life-size scale. The result is sustainable adaptable real estate that is fully demountable, adaptable to users' needs, reusable and easily recyclable. The lifespan of a Kozo structure can be extended more easily than a traditional or prefabricated building project. Economic and ecological added value in the short and long term.

As a starting point, Kozo offers three basic packages: Flex, Compact and Comfort. These can all be fully customised and the various models can easily be combined.

Kozo Flex consists of a range of models that can be placed either freestanding or as an extension to a main building. They can be used as a garden office, guesthouse, veranda or much more. They are movable and are not subject to complex urban planning procedures.

Kozo Compact consists of a series of compact homes to which a mezzanine or a full-fledged floor can be added. It can serve as a starter home, country retreat in nature or a senior citizen's home.

The Kozo Comfort, also called "the ultimate living experience", consists of a series of comfortable one- and two-storey homes. These homes can serve as full-fledged family homes, kangaroo homes or large second homes.

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