Kerelsplein circular water

Smart rainwater basin solves flooding and provides water for sports, school and youth facilit

The Kerelsplein site in Roeselare is an urban sports area and playground with various facilities on the outskirts of Roeselare. Aggeres wants to construct an innovative urban water retention basin on this site in cooperation with Aquafin and the City of Roeselare. The retention basin will combine several functions for the first time, namely retention, reuse and infiltration of rainwater. This achieves three things at once:

  1. We tackle the flooding in the Collievijverbeek area. By no longer allowing the water from the site - which has a paved surface area of about 11,000 square metres - to flow to Collievijverbeek, we reduce the load on that stream.
  2. The site also has a great need for water: the sanitary units in sports facilities, youth work, the school and the football pitch will be able to use rainwater instead of tap water.
  3. The retention basin will be combined with an infiltration basin. Through smart control between the two basins, some of the rainwater will be infiltrated into the soil. And that, in turn, is good for the groundwater level in our region.


Partners Aquafin, Stad Roeselare