Circular alternative for lightweight interior walls

In office buildings, interior walls are very often only temporary in nature. After a certain period of time, the need arises to divide up the space differently, and then interior walls, of whatever type, are removed and replaced by new ones, possibly in a different location. Building and demolishing like this has a serious ecological impact. It also requires a large investment in time and resources from the client.

We want to change that with JuuNoo. This is how we came up with the idea of creating an interior wall that is easier to dismantle and can easily be rebuilt or sold in a different configuration. The important thing is that the wall does not lose any of its quality and that the acoustics remain good. In this way, we obtain an alternative that will score much higher than a traditional wall, both economically and ecologically.

In collaboration with the circular laboratory De Potterij in Mechelen, Eddy Ghesquire, VDAB & Alfatex, the building system was tested against various practical conditions. These experiments evaluated the quality and circularity of the JuuNoo system. The results were made public.


  1. We have succeeded in creating an alternative internal wall that is easy to install thanks to a modular, extendable system. The walls are at least as effective as a conventional wall. A Velcro system makes screws unnecessary and provides an acoustic buffer. All this makes the walls endlessly reusable.
  2. Our new circular walls can already be seen in practice at several locations: beMatrix in Roeselare, Alfatex in Deinze, Bulik in Roeselare, VDAB in Brussels/Halle, Ergodôme in Kortrijk, Bast in Ronsele and Hooox in Ghent.
  3. We put a lot of effort into dissemination. More than 500 flyers have been distributed, we participated in several events to present our innovative system, and we reached many people on social media by actively promoting our results.
  4. Over the course of the project, the JuuNoo team grew to three full-time employees and an extensive pool of freelancers and subcontractors. In addition, the production of the JuuNoo system generated hundreds of hours of work at the customisation company Mariasteen in Roeselare.


  1. The biggest challenge of this project is the rigid attitude of the construction industry itself. Only by constantly hammering on about the same points will we gradually get things moving. In our opinion, more public tenders with the circular economy as the main criterion will have the greatest impact on making the construction sector more circular.
  2. A good cooperation culture is very important. Thanks to the collaborative culture at the numerous Flanders Circular events, valuable collaborations were created, including architects from Bast, contractors such as Beneens, Vanhout and Vanroey and other suppliers such as Gyproc and Knoopwerk. This has already produced beautiful results in the lab and it is our goal to develop even more collaborations.
75 locations equipped with walls (2021)
12 participations in events
100.000+ views on social media (2021)


Through this project, an interesting collaboration with Gyproc Belgium was established, which produced great results in the lab. Our aim is to develop further collaborations in 2019.

The innovations developed within this project have been secured in 3 Belgian patents, 2 of which are currently in international application.

Given the results achieved, we have also decided to start a capital round of €1.5 million in the summer of 2019. This will significantly accelerate our growth and allow our team to further grow to 10 full-time employees by 2021. Even after that, our enthusiasm will be unstoppable, because there is also a plan ready to scale up strongly in the coming years and thus push the market towards a circular economy.

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