Mobile, modular customised water purification

Both the pharmaceutical and chemical industries seek to use increasing amounts of renewable raw materials in their production processes. The shift from petroleum to biomaterials requires not only a new conversion process, but also more flexible, modular and even mobile installations for reaction and separation.

InOpSys is catering for this need. The company builds mobile and modular water purification installations (plants-on-a-truck) to process water from pharmaceutical and chemical companies. They place the installation at the customer’s site to purify the subsidiary flows. From these flows, which would otherwise be lost, InOpSys extracts raw materials that the customer or another client can reuse.

With the mobile installations of InOpSys, subsidiary flows are processed as near as possible to the actual production location. The fact that it is no longer necessary to combine all the flows in a collective waste tank and then transport it to a unit to be processed means the customer saves money and cuts down hazardous movements.

InOpSys builds the installations in a modular manner so that they can be adapted to the needs of the customer. The purification installations are used to valorise the various subsidiary flows in accordance with the customer’s wishes.