Integrating a People- and Environment-friendly Process Approach in Circular, Constructive, Co-creative Renovation Projects.

impaC³t is one of the projects within the framework of the VLAIO call Living labs circular economy. impaC³t aims to test and accelerate the application of circular building solutions in collective urban renewal projects in Flanders. In doing so, this Living Lab will broaden and deepen existing strategies and solutions related to circularity to urban renewal at neighbourhood level. It will thereby accelerate the renovation wave (2050) of the existing patrimony in a future-proof and circular way. The Living Lab is designed for and with a diversity of target groups, from the most vulnerable to the strongest shoulders.

impaC³t integrates a people- and environment-friendly process approach in circular, constructive, co-creative renovation projects. To realise more circular building solutions, impaC³t is developing a decision framework for adopting circular solutions for collective neighbourhood renovations. This is done through co-creation with stakeholders and a mix of target groups of both private owner-occupiers, owner-tenants, property developers, autonomous municipal urban development companies and housing companies.

The partners of this Living Lab maximise complementarity between technical, financial and legal solutions to boost a circular economy in collective urban renewal projects.

impaC³t will renovate a number of building blocks in Ghent, Bruges and Landen through a collective approach. To start with, the Living Lab will test the approach at three levels in several urban renewal projects that have already started: (1) punctual renovation measures (moisture, roof, façade and central heating), (2) total renovation and extension or addition and (3) new construction or replacement construction.

KU Leuven Bouwfysica en Duurzaam Bouwen

Partners Campus Gent, KU Leuven (CEDON), Campus Brussel (CEDON), Odisee DuBIT, Stad Gent, Stad Brugge, Thuispunt, Cnuz, Inhout, Vanhout, BuildUp, Re-vive, Camino Group, Het Pandschap, Scrap vzw, Domus Mundi - RenoseeC, Kamp C