Het Archelier

A new link in the value network to support the circular construction sector

The Archelier is a new link in the value network, necessary to realize the transition to the circular economy. As 'Interdisciplinary Circular Architecture Laboratory' or ICAL for short, it will work in a complementary way: it supports architects and building teams in choices relating to circular construction. After all, in the classical practice of architecture there appears to be little time and space to expand the range of tasks even further with research into circular building. That is why the Archelier, as a new link, is essential.

The purpose of the project is twofold. On the one hand organizational: by establishing "the Archelier" (Architecture + Atelier) a business model based on interdisciplinary partnerships is tested in practice. On the other hand practically: by setting up a pilot project "the 10" with the Archelier, the project aims to address the pressing issue of circular building nodes. By shedding light on good and bad practices and on existing or yet to be developed solutions, the project inspires the Flemish building actors to innovate and work on the transition to circular construction.

Concretely, the project will propagate the traditional role of the architect and develop credible, practical and widely supported solutions for the circular building sector.

TEKEN architectuur en MikeViktorViktor architects Antwerpen

Partners VITO, WTCB, Democo en wooncoop