HAHBO LLEXX is an ecological modular system to put temporary and permanent buildings.

HAHBO is a wood construction company specializing in modular system construction. Together with Belgian designer Axel Enthoven, HAHBO gave the LLEXX concept a timeless design. The Hahbo LLEXX timber construction system offers a permanent and quick answer to the lack of space in classrooms in primary and secondary education.

LLEXX stands for Longlife, Luxurious, Ecological, fleXible and eXpress. It is a modular, ecological and sustainable creation that can be used for various applications, including temporary and permanent classrooms, schools and offices. By applying the right knowledge and years of expertise in modular wood construction, Hahbo can offer the comfort of a final building, with an eye for design, functionality, timelessness and flexibility.

This modular system meets all ecological and EPB standards and can be used both as a temporary solution and as a permanent solution given its aesthetic and constructional qualities. The whole system is made of ecological wood in combination with lacquered steel.

LLEXX has a long life span because it is manufactured from sustainable materials in a well thought-out construction process. In addition, the creation has a small ecological footprint thanks to a production area equipped with 10 000 m2 of solar panels that provide 80% of the energy, while the ventilation system recovers about 70% of the heat. In addition, the material is made from renewable resources and ensures low energy consumption afterwards. The insulation used in HAHBO LLEXX in floor, wall and ceiling is cellulose, a fully degradable, ecological material.

HAHBO LLEXX chooses OSB and SPANO boards as its wall covering because the producers only buy round wood from forest exploiters who are actively engaged in reforestation. The waste from the production process is reused for other products.